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publications and presentations

Here is a list of all of my publications and presentations. PDF files are made available for ease of access!
When multiple authors are present, authorship list is included with my name bolded. If there is no list, it is a single-authored work.
Last updated: 10/01/2019

Balancing Efficiency and Coverage in Human-Robot Dialogue Collection
Matthew Marge, Claire Bonial, Stephanie Lukin, Cory Hayes, Ashley Foots, Ron Artstein, Cassidy Henry, Kimberly Pollard, Carla Gordon, Felix Gervits, Anton Leuski, Susan Hill, Clare Voss and David Traum at the Interactive Learning for Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (AI-HRI) 2018 Symposium, part of the AAAI Fall Symposium Series. Arlington, VA, 18-20 October 2018.

"Consequences and Causes of Stylistic Differences in Human-Robot Dialogue"
Stephanie Lukin, Kimberly Pollard, Claire Bonial, Matthew Marge, Cassidy Henry, Ron Artstein, David Traum and Clare Voss at the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDial) Melbourne, Australia, 12-14 July 2018. Poster here.

"Faster Pace in Human-Robot Dialogue Leads to Fewer Dialogue Overlaps"
Cassidy Henry, Carla Gordon, David Traum, Stephanie Lukin, Kimberly A. Pollard, Ron Artstein, Claire Bonial, Clare Voss, Ashley Foots and Matthew Marge at the Widening Natural Language Processing (WiNLP) Workshop, co-located with NAACL-HLT 2018 New Orleans, LA, 1 June 2018. Poster

"Human-Robot Dialogue and Collaboration in Search and Navigation"
Claire Bonial, Stephanie M. Lukin, Ashley Foots, Cassidy Henry, Matthew Marge, Kimberly A. Pollard, Ron Artstein, David Traum, Clare R. Voss. at the 2018 Annotation, Recognition, and Evaluation of Actions (AREA 2018) Workshop. Miyazaki, Japan.
Proceedings link: http://lrec-conf.org/workshops/lrec2018/W7/summaries/4_W7.html

“Dialogue Structure Annotation for Multi-Floor Interaction”
David Traum, Cassidy Henry, Stephanie Lukin, Ron Artstein, Felix Gervits, Kimberly Pollard, Claire Bonial, Su Lei, Clare Voss, Matthew Marge, Cory Hayes, and Susan Hill. at the 11th Edition of the Languages Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC), 2018. Miyazaki, Japan. Slides
Proceedings link: http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2018/summaries/672.html

"The Bot Language Project: Moving Towards Natural Dialogue with Robots"
Cassidy Henry, Stephanie Lukin, Kimberly A. Pollard, Claire Bonial, Ashley Foots, Ron Artstein, Clare R. Voss, David Traum, Matthew Marge, Cory J. Hayes, Susan G. Hill. at the the Southern California Natural Language Processing Symposium (SoCal NLP) Irvine, CA. 6 April, 2018. Here is the abstract.

“An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of Vowel Harmony in Kazan Tatar”
at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, 2018. Salt Lake City, UT.
Poster here and here is an accompanying handout for those interested in depth. Proceedings link: https://journals.linguisticsociety.org/proceedings/index.php/PLSA/article/view/4278

“Laying Down the Yellow Brick Road: Development of a Wizard-of-Oz Interface for Collecting Human-Robot Dialogue”
Claire Bonial, Matthew Marge, Ron Artstein, Ashley Foots, Felix Gervits, Cory J. Hayes, Cassidy Henry, Susan G. Hill, Anton Leuski, Stephanie M. Lukin, Pooja Moolchani, Kimberly A. Pollard, David Traum, and Clare R. Voss. at the Symposium on Natural Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration -- AAAI Fall Symposium Series 2017. Arxiv link: https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.06406

“Towards Efficient Human-Robot Dialogue Collection: Moving Fido Into the Virtual World”
Cassidy Henry, Pooja Moolchandani, Kimberly Pollard, Claire Bonial, Ashley Foots, Cory Hayes, Ron Artstein, Clare Voss, David Traum and Matthew Marge. Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Natural Language Processing Workshop at ACL. June 2017; also previously presented at the Southern California Robotics Symposium 2017. Poster here.

“Exploring Variation of Natural Human Commands to a Robot in a Collaborative Navigation Task”
Matthew Marge, Claire Bonial, Ashley Foots, Cory Hayes, Cassidy Henry, Kimberly A. Pollard, Ron Artstein, Clare R. Voss, and David Traum. In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics. Vancouver, 2017. Poster here.

“Vowel Harmony in Kazan Tatar”
Presented at University of California Undergraduate Conference on Slavic and East/Central European Studies, April 2017. My abstract is on page 4.

“Towards Natural Dialogue with Robots: Bot Language”
Matthew Marge, Claire Bonial, Kimberly A. Pollard, Cassidy Henry, Ron Artstein, Brendan Byrne, Susan G. Hill, Clare Voss, and David Traum. Presented at AI-HRI 2016, November. Link to abstract on AI-HRI site. Poster here.

"If I Only Had a Brain”: Automation of Dialogue Management in a Wizard-of-Oz Experiment Setup"
presented at the Young Researchers Roundtable for Spoken Dialogue Systems, September 2016. Poster here.

“Can I call you Fido?': Exploring Affect in Human Robot Interaction in a Collaborative Environment"
at the
ARL Student Summer Symposium, August 2016. Abstract published: "Volume II: Compendium of Abstracts", By ARL Summer Student Research Symposium" ARL-TM2016a. Jun 2017. Poster here.