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Cassidy Rae Henry, computational linguist

Cassidy Henry - teaching information

Name: Cassidy Henry (please call me Cassidy)
Pronouns: they/them
Email: crhenry@umd.edu see email policy below!
Office Hours: 5-6 PM Wednesdays, scheduled online. (unless otherwise noted via announcement)

Quick Bio
Hi everyone! My name is Cassidy Henry, and I’m a PhD student in linguistics here at UMD. I use they/them pronouns.

A basic description of my research interests:
If you ever want to talk about any of the above outside of class, let me know! I am always happy to discuss linguistics with interested folks!

An Important Note
I am disabled and chronically ill, which sometimes affects my availability. If I am not available, one of the other TAs and/or Dr. Bleam are also happy to assist you – we are teaching you as a team. This means that sometimes, another TA and/or Dr. Bleam will substitute teaching my section when I am not well enough to do so. I do my best to make sure to be available for those who need me, but I ask for your patience and understanding regarding that in addition to being a full-time student and researcher, I have a third challenging, full-time job of maintaining my health. Thank you!

Email Policy
Typically, I will try to get back to your emails within 24 hours during the working week (Monday-Friday), during business hours. If I respond outside of these hours, it is because I was coincidentally working at the time and/or travelling and in a time zone where it was working hours. My working day is typically 10~11 AM to 6PM, depending on the day.

If you have a more urgent question, please cc more than one of us TAs and/or Dr. Bleam on your email, and whoever has availability first will respond to your question.

Office Hours
I am trying something new this semester and hosting my office hours in my WebEx room. The link will be sent prior to office hours as an announcement on ELMS. Please forgive any technical difficulties as it is my first time trying this out. Thanks!
Office hours will typically be held between 5-6 PM Wednesdays, though will sometimes be rescheduled – this will always be announced on ELMS by either me and/or Dr. Bleam.
If you need to schedule another time with me, please reach out via email and I will respond within approx. 24 hours. I typically have the most availability if you are open to meeting virtually.

I have some work-related and medical-related travel during the semester. In the cases where I am gone, I will be slightly slower to respond to emails, and may have someone substituting my section if I am gone on a Friday. Please keep these dates in mind if you are requesting to meet with me as well, although depending on the nature of my trip I may still be able to hold virtual meetings.
Currently planned travel dates, subject to change: