logo, a purple matryoshka with a wug embedded in it and Cassidy Rae Henry written in IPA
Cassidy Rae Henry, computational linguist


Hello there!

Feel free to contact me via email:

or visit me on twitter at @shapkaa!

I'm happy to chat about research, or anything else really!

A note: I am including my email in text form, with no games, because it is most accessible. Sure, I may get some spam, but it's worth it to make my pages most accessible to people with disabilities. I've seen some horrendous ways to mask email on people's pages, including having the email be displayed backwards when you copy and paste (this is highly inaccessible for people with dyslexia). It is always important to remember, when designing something, what seems easy or intuitive to you may be a total roadblock for someone else.

(on that note, I am very happy to discuss issues of accessibility with others. I am very passionate about disability justice and eradicating ableism).