logo, a purple matryoshka with a wug embedded in it and Cassidy Rae Henry written in IPA
Cassidy Rae Henry, computational linguist


My main research interests are in phonetics, phonology, and prosody (p-side linguistics) and their computational intersections. I am very interested, as a long-term goal, in developing methods to make prosodic information accessible to computational systems (what I like to call "computational prosody").

I have worked at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, West since June 2016 (and on that note, it is worth mention again that any opinions stated on this website are my own). I have collaborated with researchers across many disciplines on unique human-information interaction projects, particularly in human-robot dialogue.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Army Research Lab, be sure to check out our Open Campus Initiative to learn more! One great thing about the lab is that they actively encourage collaboration between government, academia, and industry!

Outside of ARL, I have worked on (and actively continue to work on) research on Kazan Tatar, a minority language of Russia that is Turkic, of the Kipchak branch. If you speak Tatar, please reach out to me! I love meeting new speakers of Tatarça!