logo, a purple matryoshka with a wug embedded in it and Cassidy Rae Henry written in IPA
Cassidy Rae Henry, computational linguist


I work on a variety of both interdisciplinary and theoretical-linguistic focused research.

Towards Natural Dialogue with Robots: Bot Language since June 2016.
Project Lead: Dr. Matthew Marge, CISD ARL, currently mentored by Dr. Stephanie Lukin, CISD ARL and previously by Dr. Kimberly Pollard, HRED ARL (2015-2017)
Our research program addresses questions relevant to human-robot dialogue (bidirectional communication). In addition to working on analysis, our team plans to release a corpus of human-robot dialogues.

A Corpus of Spoken Tatar: Татар теленен сөйләм корпусы since July 2017. Project lead: Self, mentored by Dr. Kie Zuraw, UCLA Linguistics.
This project is in its infancy, but a corpus of spoken Tatar is planned to assist phonological, prosodic, and computational research. The corpus will be made freely available to promote research on the Tatar language.

An Intonational Model of Kazan Tatar from September 2017 to June 2018.
Project lead: Adam Royer and Dr. Sun-Ah Jun, UCLA Linguistics
Assisted with data curation and annotation for Adam and Dr. Jun's developing intonational model of Kazan Tatar.